Saturday, October 3, 2009

Things That Make Me happy!!

There are many reasons why i love my job, one i have come to realize most recently is all the fun and different people i get to interact with daily...

one customer had pink hair, another looked like a wizard, and my favorite hairdo i got a picture of...

i call him mulletman... seeing him made my day last week!! just look at that braid!! hahahahaa

my job is never a dull moment!! and i look forward to seeing the most outrageous hairdo of the day!!

this guy was at chevys a few days ago.. totally country, rugged guy, carrying a princess backpack.. the best part was i never saw a little girl with him!!

and last but not least i got a picture of this....

this is a dog.. not to be confused for a small horse!! hahahahaa this was so amazing to see!!

i hope when you see crazy things in life you take a moment to enjoy it!! i certainly do :]

till next time!!

1 comment:

  1. Courtney you have always been one to enjoy and find beauty in your surroundings...thanks for the reminder! Love the 'White Horse' now all the girls needs is her 'Prince charming' a small version of course!