Saturday, October 3, 2009

Things That Make Me happy!!

There are many reasons why i love my job, one i have come to realize most recently is all the fun and different people i get to interact with daily...

one customer had pink hair, another looked like a wizard, and my favorite hairdo i got a picture of...

i call him mulletman... seeing him made my day last week!! just look at that braid!! hahahahaa

my job is never a dull moment!! and i look forward to seeing the most outrageous hairdo of the day!!

this guy was at chevys a few days ago.. totally country, rugged guy, carrying a princess backpack.. the best part was i never saw a little girl with him!!

and last but not least i got a picture of this....

this is a dog.. not to be confused for a small horse!! hahahahaa this was so amazing to see!!

i hope when you see crazy things in life you take a moment to enjoy it!! i certainly do :]

till next time!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

feeling neglected????

I really have been neglecting my blog.. not that i have tons of followers, but i feel like i have left those few of you in the dark!!!
this is what has been going on in the last 2 months!!


McKenzie and I went and totally had a Blast!!!!

i wont bore you with 100 pictures but here are a few of the concert!! and a quick shout out to Jordan Sparks who opened for the Jonas Brothers! she is so amazingly talented and beautiful!!

I attended the YSA Conference Aug 8 & 9th!! that was a spiritual cramming session!! i met some pretty amazing people and totally loved everything about the conference from the dances, to speed-dating, the classes and humanitarian project.. with a total of 9 hours of sleep that weekend i wasn't surprised that i fell asleep on sunday night after it was all over at 6:30pm and didn't wake up till 7:30 monday morning for work!!

I got promoted at work to a warranty specialist and cashier!! that has been a crazy hard training experience!! but rewarding overall.. my co-worker mandy went on maternity leave so i offered to take over her position while she was gone.. more training and experience under my belt just help me to feel more secure about my job!!!

Carli Came to visit!!! she was only here for a few days but it was so great to see her after a month of her being in Utah!!



I found my new car today!!! so originally i wanted a new corolla.. but lets be realistic... i work at a car dealership, but im not made of money!! i saw this today and fell in LOVE!! i may make it mine!! if i can get a good warranty package that wont break the bank every time it needs a repair!!

thats about it for now!! hope you're satisfied with the update!! im gonna try harder to be better!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Car Killer

oh man!! the past 24 hours have been rough!!!

to start out, my '85 Toyota Cressida has basically been on its last wheel for the past few months... so last night im leaving work, and my car basically dies! the RPMs aren't even at .5 knowing something was up i left my car at work and had Carli come pick me up!

Verne was nice enough to let me take his old van to work.. but it stalled each time id stop at a light, and finally when i was right at the intersection across the street from work it stalled and wouldn't restart!!! i sat at the light for 15 minutes trying to start the car. no one offered me any help, and no one made sure i was okay, on top of that Verne wasn't picking up.. needless to say the tears started after i saw 2 green lights come and go..

finally i decided i was going to call my manager and tell her my situation, she came to my rescue and sent 4 guys that i work with over to push me to safety.. words cannot express the gratitude i felt at that moment of seeing them come to the rescue

the funny part of the event was that Ryan, one of our car hoppers, handed me his soda to hold while he pushed the van, that has no cup holders, so im trying to steer and hold a Big Gulp simoltaniously!! when we got across the intersection i had to pull into the dealership lot. i can not believe i didn't hit something! the guys gave me one good push and i barely made it in!!

the verdict: my car has a broken head gasget, so its done for.... and the van will survive with some gas and a battery charge!!

not the best of mornings, but defanetly one of the more exciting ones!!

killing 2 cars within an 18 hour period should go on the record book!!

now i have to go car shopping this weekend!!

take a look at my new car!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time goes by

I often reflect on things that have happened in my life, and i realized that no matter how much time has gone by i think of myself the same.. my circumstances and challenges have changed, but i'm still the same person i was a long time ago.

I am so excited for the future and hopeful for the goals i want to accomplish within the next few years: marriage, graduation & credentialing, and hopefully starting a family of my own!

although i have not yet found that special someone for sure yet, i know it'll happen, after all, i'm only 20!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Good Day

you know those days when you wake up and you just know good things are going to happen??

i had one of those days today, for no apparent reason my day was joyful!
.... i worked from 11am-8pm (Monday-Fridays).. yes i know, that's a really tough schedule, and not to mention that from 5pm-8pm i sit alone in my office except for Julie, a chain-smoking, red-haired, mono-toned, very loud woman who sits behind me just adjacent from my cubical wall... needless to say she gives me a constant headache... sometimes my customers can't hear me over Julie's loud mono-toned questions (she calls people after they come into the dealership to look at vehicles..I call people once they've come in to have their car serviced).
.. i try, most days without much success to ignore her, but time and time again i have a headache by 7pm! but today i wasn't bothered by her...
.. so once i clocked out i went to Riverpark to look around borders and wait from some friends to show up a Rubio's where on Tuedsays they have $1 fish tacos... and you may be like me where fish tacos do not sound appealing, but they are surprisingly delicious!! i was surrounded by yummy food and great conversation!! a great night!!

this may not sound to you like the most exciting or the best of days, but for me it was much better then the days i've been having recently!! so tonight i will go to bed happy!!

i love you all! have a great night and may your tomorrow be better then my today!! =D

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bit of a Re-Re

i don't know what it is about electronics that make my brain go blank!! i swear its true, like my cell phone, i've had the same one for almost 2 years and i'm still learning how to use it! i can't even get to PacMan on my sisters DS on my own, and its taken me 2+ years to figure out Facebook!!!

my real issue is my blog!! i see all the blogs i follow and i'm totally envious!! i have NO IDEA how to change my background from plain white to something cute and pretty, not just change the color, but like a pretty disign that says mee!! and thats not even the 1/2 of the trickyness i can't figure out!! i've really tried!!! but i'm left frustrated and feeling stupid!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more moving :.(

I am very sad to report that i am no longer going to be moving out this weekend, and probably not this month...

something has come up that doesn't need to be shared, but i want to emphasize that family should always come first and even though i am sad that i can't move out, i am hopeful that that the lord will open a window for me and give me a chance to do something wonderful instead!!

thank you Chantelle for all your love and support, and for trying to do all that you could to make moving out easier for me!! i love you and appreciate all your willingness to help me!!